T-Town South Fitness has the perfect metabolic training program for anyone looking to burn fat, lose weight, add lean muscle tone, and improve power lifts.


Focusing on fitness in a meaningful and measurable way. CrossFit is the workout and advancement of human health and athletic performance.

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This program focuses on metabolic conditioning, endurance, agility, muscle tone, and core. We keep movements basic by using equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, med balls, and your own body weight.

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We have a number of fun classes for kids and teens that teaches them the benefits of health for their future. The kids learn how to exercise properly, how it will impact their fitness, health, and athletic ability that awards them with confidence and self-esteem in a fun approach.

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This program is dedicated to helping athletes improve their power lifts. Designed to help stimulate lean muscle growth and improve overall max strength, these classes are no joke…we go heavy and we go hard.

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Congrats to our March Southie, Adam Wallace!

All about Adam!