Amie Spurlock

Amie-2 Amie-Kirsten Amie-mug-353x600 One-arm-DB Clean

Name: Amie Spurlock
Family: Married to Brett for almost 11 years and we have one daughter named Mylee
Started CrossFit: My one year anniversary to CF will be August.
Favorite program at  T-Town South: CF
1. My favorite achievement would have to be creating a healthier lifestyle that helped me become more fit and inspire friends to keep working towards their goals. My favorite memory is running my first half marathon last year.
2. My current goal is to accomplish double unders and to become better and increase weight for any overhead movement.
3. My favorite movement is back squats. The squat program has been really fun and challenging.
4. What would surprise people most about me….. is that I am an introvert.
5. I love spending time with family and friends, anything outdoors, shopping and of course CROSSFIT.