December 2016 Southie of the Month – Zach Hawkins

Name:  Zach Hawkins

Family: Single (Girlfriend Casey)

Length of time at TTS: Almost 1 year; started in Feb. 2016

Favorite program(s) at TTS:  Crossfit

  1. What is your favorite athletic/fitness memory or achievement?  Earning all-conference honors in football or running a half marathon.
  2. Name one goal you hope to achieve this year at T-Town South Fitness?  I hope to learn how to do a kipping pull up (I’m pessimistically optimistic)
  3. What workout or movement do you look   forward to the most?  I really enjoy “Cindy” and any other heavy cardio intensive workouts.
  4. What would surprise people most about you?  As an avid Cubs fan my whole life, I took a last minute trip to Chicago to watch the Cubs play in the World Series at Wrigley Field.
  5. What are your favorite activities/hobbies?  Waking up at 5am to get my ass kicked by Melissa and Amy, hiking, traveling, spending time with family and friends and OU football!