Friday, August 4th, 2017

Coach Dins’ CrossFit Games Event Schedule for today:

9:55am – Assault Lunge

1:41pm – Sprint O-Course

4:57pm – Bar Fight

Skill work:  “2012 Broad Jump”
Standing broad jump for distance.  Athletes will have three attempts to complete a standing broad jump for distance.
-Compare to 7/19/16
Skill work:  From “2011 Skills 1”
1) Max L-Sit for time 2) Max distance handstand walk
-Compare to 7/22/16
Workout of the Day:
“Assault Lunge”  (2017 Masters & Teens workout)
For time
40 / 30-cal. Assault Bike
100-ft. dumbbell overhead lunge

M 14-15 use 60-lb. dumbbell
M 16-49 use 80-lb. dumbbell
F 14-15 use 45-lb. dumbbell
F16-49 use 55-lb. dumbbell