Friday, March 6th, 2020

Strength:  Thrusters

On the minute x 7:

Min 1:  115/75

Min 2:  125/85

Min 3:  135/95

Min 4:  135/95

Min 5:  135/95

Min 6:  125/85

Min 7:  115/75

Workout of the Day:

“Pick Your Poison”

With 7 minutes on the clock, complete max calories of: Bike, row, and ski

-EMOM athletes will perform 12 air squats.  The workout begins with 12 air squats. 

 -Athletes can rotate between machines as much as they would like, but must stay on one machine for the remainder of that minute once their air squats are completed.  Athletes can’t spend more than four total minutes on any machine.  When rotating machines, it is first come, first serve on equipment.  Plan wisely and/or squat fast!