Jonathan and Abbey Carnes

Family: Two dogs, Chance and Danny
Length of time doing CrossFit: About 3 years
Favorite program(s) at TTS: Crossfit and Heavy Hour
What is your favorite athletic/fitness memory or achievement?
Abbey: In CF, it was getting my first pull-up without a band. I have never been able to do a pull-up before!
Jonathan: My favorite memory is probably doing the in house competition with my Dad a couple months ago, that was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed seeing my Dad so excited about Crossfit.
Name one goal you hope to achieve this year at T-Town South Fitness?
Abbey: To be able to do a ring dip without a band.
Jonathan: I have a few numbers I would like to hit on lifts for example: 300 on clean and jerk and 245 snatch, but mostly I would like to make some big improvements in my nutrition…I eat terrible.
What workout or movement do you look forward to the most?
Abbey: I don’t know if I have an absolute favorite…Some favorites are KBS, wall-balls, rowing, and I have grown to love squat cleans and snatches.
Jonathan: I like to squat, but I also enjoy anything with a barbell involved.
What would surprise people most about you?
Abbey: That I was once chased by a buffalo. We used to live by a wildlife refuge when I was growing up and went hiking often. We turned the corner of a trail and a buffalo was standing right in the middle a little ways down. My dad dared me and said I would not take a step closer, so I had to. It started running at us. That is the fastest I have ever ran, running away from it! Now during hikes my dad refers to me as “Girl Chased by Buffalo.” Luckily the buffalo stopped after about 20 ft.
Jonathan: I am terrified of newborn babies; until they can support their own head I am really uncomfortable around them.
What is your favorite activity/hobby?
Abbey: Anything outdoors. In Tulsa I love taking my dogs out to Turkey Mountain or to the dog park. I also love reading and going to the movie with the hubs!!
Jonathan: Other than hanging out at the gym I love playing golf on my days off, going to the movies, and of course getting to spend time doing anything with my wife.