July 2017 Southie of the Month – Ashley Oldham

Name: Ashley Oldham

Family: Jeff, Gavin and Emma

Length of time at TTS: 1 year 4 months

Favorite program(s) at TTS:  CF

  1. What is your favorite athletic/fitness memory or achievement? My favorite memory so far (because I am sure there are more to come) is FINALLY getting my first handstand.
  2. Name one goal you hope to achieve this year at T-Town South Fitness? One goal I hope to achieve this year would be the ability to do strict pull ups.
  3. What workout or movement do you look  forward to the most? I look forward to Split Jerks the most!
  4. What would surprise people most about you? Something that would surprise people about me is that I actually have a pretty low self esteem.
  5. What are your favorite activities/hobbies? Besides taking pictures, my favorite activities are camping/hiking and reading.