Family: Dylan, Royce and Walshie our doggie 

Length of time at TTS: started in 2016 but first appearance was during an Open WOD in 2014 as a drop in.

Favorite program at TTS: CF 

1. What is your favorite athletic/fitness memory or achievement? Easy. When I was pregnant and my water broke while I was working out at TTS and Kristen was all prepared to deliver Royce ! Will. Never. Ever. Forget. Lol 
2. Name one goal you hope to achieve this year at T-Town South Fitness? To continue to be consistent with showing up each week without taking months off 🤦🏻‍♀️
3. What workout or movement do you look forward to the most? Handstand push ups are always fun! 
4. What would surprise people most about you? I can pick up objects with my toes 💁
5. What is your favorite activity/hobbies? Time with the fam, listening to audiobooks, the lake and playing on an outdoor summer league soccer team.