My name is Jenny Park. I am married to my wonderful husband Jeff of 15 years. We have two beautiful children Brooklyn (11) and Jesse (9).  When I am not at the gym I am trying to be decent at tennis, watching the kids play sports and hanging with friends and family.

I have been at T -Town South since the doors opened in 2015. I have been crossfitting since 2008 and have loved everything about it!! I would say the body weight/endurance workouts are probably my favorite. I like to come to the gym and look at both workouts before I decide which one I want to do based on how I am feeling that day. My proudest moment after starting Crossfit was when I learned the kipping pull-up. Something people may not know about me is that back in the day I used to be really good at Crossfit. I used to kick Dinsmore’s butt daily!! (Ok for like one week when she first started!)  T -Town South is my happy place and I love all the people and coaches!!