Saturday, June 15th, 2019

Workout of the Day:
“Energizer Bunny”

Teams of two will complete as many repetitions as they can, as quickly as they can.  Teams must complete as many repetitions of the following movements as they can in the time it takes their partner to sprint 400 meters. At 3-2-1 go, one partner will begin running and the other on one will be working on the first of the four movements. The indoor partner will complete as many repetitions of the movement as they can until their partner returns and they switch roles. After both partners have completed a run and the first movement, the cycle repeats until each partner has completed four 400 meter sprints and completed all four of the movements.  The movements are as follows::

Overhead squats (95/65)
Toes to bar
Wall balls (20/14)
KB swings (55/35)

A team’s score will be determined by the number of repetitions they complete of the indoor movements, adjusted by time penalties. One point will be subtracted from the team’s score for every 2 seconds that team finishes behind the first team to finish.  (i.e. If the first team to finish completes 320 repetitions in 15:00 minutes, their total score is 320. A team that completes 350 repetitions in 16:00 minutes will also have a total score of 320 after they have been assessed their penalties.)  This will make teams push harder on the running portion.