Southie of the Month April 2017 – Brett Spurlock

Name: Brett Spurlock
Family: Amie(wifey) Mylee Jo(boss/daughter)
Length of Time: 1 year 3 months

Favorite Class: Noon CF & HH, where we lift heavy things up and put them down. Driskill rule always in effect.

1) What is your favorite athletic/fitness memory or achievement?
Doing my first comp this year at KO in the OK with my wife, great friends, and fellow southies.
2) Name one goal you hope to achieve this year at T-Town South Fitness.
I am going to increase my Oly lifts and the devils jump rope(dubs). I had never snatched or done cleans before joining and it’s one of the most frustrating and rewarding movements learning but awesome when you get that one rep right. 
 3) What workout or movement do you look forward to the most?
I’m definitely better at endurance than strength, but I suck less at pull ups and running.  I’ve gotten better at deadlift and it’s a fun one just to see how much heavy ass weight you can pick up.
4) What would surprise people most about you?
I don’t have much surprises unfortunately what you see is what you get! I’m a born and raised small town country boy.  My family has a cattle ranch.  I would much rather be outdoors, than stuck in the city any day.
 5)  What are your favorite activities/hobbies?
I love going to the lake with my family, I compete in a lot of bass fishing tournaments, hunting, and play any sports that I still can. I’m very competitive and that has been one the greatest things about joining CrossFit is knowing I might never be the best but have a chance everyday to get a little better and it’s all on my effort. I have met some of the best people at T-Town and consider them all friends from the coaches to workout buddies and have seen how they come together to help each other out. There isn’t a better environment to be a part of and push yourself until you want to puke.