Sunday, April 15th, 2018

Sunday, April 15th – Accumulate a total of 5 minutes of plank holds.  This can be done throughout the day.

Monday, April 16th – Make a healthy shake or smoothie.  Share it on our TTS Facebook page, post on Instagram and tag us, post it on the TTS website WOD blog, or e-mail it to us at

Tuesday, April 17th – Go all day without any soda, alcohol, or refined sugar.  Not sure whether or not a food contains refined sugar?…Google!

Wednesday, April 18th – Row 1000 meters or bike 50 calories (in addition to your regular workout).

Thursday, April 19th – Play a sport other than CrossFit.  Examples could include:  throwing a football with your kiddo, shooting baskets, hitting the driving range or tennis court…etc.

Friday, April 20th – Pick a lift and work on it for 15 minutes using only a PVC pipe and/or an empty barbell.  We’ll post some helpful videos for Oly drills, etc.

Saturday, April 21st – Accumulate a total of 200 meters of walking lunges. This can be done throughout the day.