Sunday, April 1st, 2018

Sunday, April 1st – 50 push-ups (can be done at once or throughout the day)

Monday, April 2nd – Drink a minimum of 100 oz of water.

Tuesday, April 3rd – Make a new recipe today.  Share it on our TTS Facebook page, post on Instagram and tag us, post it on the TTS website WOD blog, or e-mail it to us at

Wednesday, April 4th – Run or walk one mile in addition to your regular workout.

Thursday, April 5th – Do 100 sit-ups in addition to your regular workout.

Friday, April 6th – Pick a weakness (i.e. pull-ups, overhead squats, HSPU, cardiovascular endurance, etc).  Find and watch two CrossFit related videos on how to improve that weakness. 

Saturday, April 7th – Eat a minimum of three servings of vegetables.