Teresa Pope

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Name:  Teresa Pope

Family:  Married, two daughters, one grandchild

Favorite programs at TTS:  CrossFit, TTFIT

Length of time training with us:  four months

1. What is your favorite athletic/fitness memory or achievement?

Achieving a deadlift of 135 pounds within three months of joining CrossFit.

2. Name one goal you hope to achieve this year at T-Town South Fitness.

I would like to be able to do a rope climb.

3. What workout or movement do you look forward to the most?


4. What would surprise people most about you?

That I was in a cage with an adult male tiger for fifteen minutes and got to pet and kiss him on the nose. I have a picture to prove it.

5.  What are your favorite activities or hobbies?

Reading, ballroom dancing, Canasta, and, of course, CrossFit.