Thursday, August 1st, 2019

Workout of the Day:
“Prison Yard Push & Pull”
In teams of three, with only one partner working at a time, complete the following as quickly as possible:
150 bench press (male – BW, female 2/3 BW)
200 pull-ups 
-One athlete working at a time.  Teammate A completes one set of unbroken bench presses and then immediately jumps onto the pull-up bar for one set of unbroken pull-ups.  Teammate B cannot begin his/her set of bench presses until Teammate A has finished pull-ups.  Teammates continue to work in order until all reps are completed or the time cap of 17:00 is reached.  
-Rest 3:00 after the 17:00 cap, then on the 20:00:
Death by 10 meters

With a continuously running clock perform 1 sprint (10 meters) the first minute, 2 sprints (10 meters) the second minute, 3 sprints the third minute, and so on, continuing to add 1 sprint each minute until you cannot complete the required number of 10 meter sprints in the given minute.*Score total rounds and sprints in the last round completed.

-Compare to 2/20/18, 9/20/17, 4/6/17, 8/12/16, and 10/8/15