TTFIT Workouts 11/7/16 – 11/11/16

Monday, November 7th – AMRAP in 27 minutes:  21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Assault bike calories, DB shoulder press, Burpees, sit-ups.  If athlete makes it through the round of 3s, he/should row for meters until time expires.

Tuesday, November 8th – AMRAP in 22 minutes:  10 DB bench press, 10 leg raises, 100 meter run, 20 DB hang cleans, 20 hollow rocks, 200 meter run, 30 DB deadlifts, 30 second plank hold, 300 meter run

Wednesday, November 9th – With 9 minutes on the clock, row 1000 meters, complete 150 jump rope, then max wall balls in remaining time.  Rest 2 minutes.  With 7 minutes on the clock, row 750 meters, complete 100 jump rope, then max DB thrusters in remaining time.  Rest 1 minute.  With 5 minutes on the clock, row 500 meters, complete 50 jump rope, then max jumping squats.

Thursday, November 10th – AMRAP in 25 minutes:  15 push-ups, 50 meter sled drag, 100 meter sprint, 15 sit-ups, 50 meter farmers carry, 100 meter sprint, 15 dips, 50 meter run backwards, 100 meter sprint

Friday, November 11th – Tabata – 20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes at each of the following stations:  overhead walking lunges w/ a plate, Russian twists w/a  plate, ground to overhead w/ a plate, shuttle sprints (holding a plate), burpees to a plate