TTFIT Workouts 2/4/19 -2/8/19

Monday, February 4th – AMRAP in 20 minutes:  15/10 calorie bike, 15 DB hang cleans, 15 box jumps/step-ups, 15 hollow rocks

Tuesday, February 5th – With 25 minutes on the clock, complete the following:  21-18-15-12-9-6-3 ground to overhead with a plate, sit-ups.  Between each round, run 100 meters (so first round would be 21 ground to overhead, 21 sit-ups, 100 meter run..).  Once the round of 3 is complete, AMRAP jump rope.  Every 50 reps, stop and perform 10 walking lunges and hold a plank for 20 seconds.
Wednesday, February 6th – With 22 minutes on the clock, in any order complete 30-20-10 reps of the following:  calories on Assault bike, DB bench press, KB swings, leg raises, ring rows.  If you make it through the set of 10 for all exercises, begin back at 30 for each and keep working until time expires.

Thursday, February 7th –  AMRAP in 20 minutes:  20 shuttle sprints, 20 alternating one arm DB snatch, 20 wall balls, 20 hand release push-ups

Friday, February 8th – AMRAP in 22 minutes – 50 jump rope, 35 sit-ups, 50 jump rope, 25 ground to overhead with a plate, 50 jump rope, 15 burpees