TTFIT Workouts 8/29/16 – 9/2/16

Monday, August 29th – AMRAP in 23 minutes of:  1 round of the complex (10 DB PP, 10 DB hang cleans, 10 DB deadlifts), 100 meter run, 2 rounds of complex, 200 meter run, 3 rounds of the complex, 300 meter run, 4 rounds of the complex, 400 meter run.  Once you complete the 400, start back at the beginning and continue working until time is called.
Tuesday, August 30th – With 25 minutes on the clock, complete 30-20-10 calorie row, KB swings, push-ups.  Once done with the round of 10s, begin working through the following AMRAP in remaining time:  10 lateral hops, 20 sit-ups, 30 walking lunges.
Wednesday, August 31st – EMOM x 24:  Minute 1:  40 jump rope, Minute 2:  14 alternating DB snatch, Minute 3:  30 second plank hold, Minute 4:  20 jumping squats
Thursday, September 1st – AMRAP in 20 minutes:  5 burpees, 10 leg raises, 15 med ball cleans
Friday, September 2nd – With 27 minutes on the clock, run 800 meters, row 1000 meters, and bike 30 calories.  Once all three are complete, begin working through 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of ground to overhead with a plate, dips, DB bench press, hollow rocks.  If you finish the set of 3s prior to time expiring, hop back on the rower and row for calories for the remainder of the workout.